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Commodity Software Manifesto

This initialism has come to mean something related but much more concrete in my latter day programming practice. The original, ranty, somewhat puerile statement, and name don't quite convey its' meaning, though there is an essential relation which I can explain.

In actual practice, this refers to a warranty for service I provide in enterprise consults that the workmanship is free of defects relative to spec without expiry. Of course I won't let this be abused to get new free labor, retro fudge the specs, etc. but what constitutes corrective action versus new service is invariably clear in actual cases.

"Enterprise" is a euphemism for the amount of money behind some effort. In 2013, professional quality brochure sites by established shops price in the $5-10K range with little active content, so currently $10K or greater is my standard for an "Enterprise" job.