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C5 (whence "C-6") C六书 d.o druportfolio To PHP CMS Page


The drupalfolio link has some other/earlier/jobbing use. I pretty much started with d6 so never used earlier,see discussion page, history for evolution. While I don't anticipate decommitting drupal,
I've moved on to the (haskell based) generalization in DCMS, django/python for systems web stuff, and take WordPress as a simpler peer to drupal, and with mediawiki, forming the our cover of the space of PHP CMS.

C六 is just my curated set of d7 and d8 modules using a single pg db packaged with the app module and d.o drupal distribution helpers.
The sameboat products and services are targets of my DDD focused on specific end function/feature sets.

Originally intended as a locus for various stuff and for a line of biz supporting d7/d8 migration/integration as well as CMS generalization. A golden procrastination situation was found to have arrived by about Spring '18 by which time d8 was finally starting to look solid, although d7 necessarily remains the production choice. So at this point the mark is strictly used for my curation of d7/d8 modules, principally in the sameboat venture and the distribution which I will only be offering here and thru Shopify, not on d.o.

Pursuant to the security issue with drupal 7.59/8.5.3, the sameboat app (essentially C六 applied to different lines of biz) was rebuilt from scratch and from that point maintains a clean line of descent from that rebuild, with only forward deployments from the clean environment, to avoid such issues in the future. Issues such as SA-CORE-2018-004 are wiped by deployments to the wild, as they arise.

The sameboat domain (composed of sameboat.live which is d7 and cliu.sameboat.live which is d8) has operational versions of every such service/feature set in its reference public form, usable by authenticated users.