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This page is about my personal web space. See Dominion System for the concept of its productization.
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         ai-integration, meansofproduction, thoughtcrime , are alt rooted since at least 2018.
My .dom TLD is routed by the IANA domain thru 2021.
The 3 .biz domains may get other ICANN TLD with notice in the system blog.

My focus is on AI integration of diverse computing cultures, so while the complexity and amount of content and function has and will continue to increase over time, so should the cohesion. As of mid 2011 > 1500 user pages are in ecore and mediawiki (perl, php CMSes from late 90s early 00s) alone, there are other CMSes, standalone pages and page groups, so the concept of "site" breaks down here (addressed by my work on unifying web domains).

A Sr. IT worker using the domain names above (CII/w3.n for personæ). Available here via the Ft domain to your left. I develop and operate the .dom alt root name system. I am the principal developer of the MCP/DCP Operating System concept.

The SMOG index of this page is about 15.

I found the first appearance ¹ of the "<X> For Dummies" ² guides incomprehensible if not offensive ³. Some guests, used to a certain kind of web space, have found these domains to be puzzling. This page and UI/UX artistry attempt to explain design packages and the concept of a heterogenous domain space (DS) to a general audience.

The mashup of pre-teens CMSes, CZG designs, etc., will generally only work well on desktop, that's not changing. PraxisTour is a responsive pre-2017 CV landing. Legacy content works where it works, e.g. flash (like the Old Web Portfolio), or areas broken by TLS (https). Wage Labor has info typically sought by recruiters.

  1. First, these are my development domains. Production, vended from 3rd party domains, viz App Store, Play or Shopify ( will be prod), has committed service levels and flows that may include content from dev space. With the exception of a few necessary public pages, virtually all content is going to be alt-routed, either same named, ICANN TLD -> .dom, or the ICANN TLD just dropped .

  2. Second, only the 3 Neustar .biz domains in blagojevich gold above 5,7 are my public domains, and I'm not, ofc maintaining decades old content6 in the ancient layers other than for server side preservation. e.g.: Flash for which supported items will be migrated before 2020. I am not responsible for the domains of others using infrastructure and IP provided by me but I am providing general support for the .dom alternate DNS root, intended for my DDD both as a public service and for hire.

  3. Finally, my web has accreted since the ACM had hosting c. 19944. Sketches, early concept stories, stable production end-use function, abandoned dead-ends and working prototypes are mashed up in my domain space ("DS") (a construct which I call a "dominion") composed of multiple domains and "sites". Many years can elapse between the first conception of something and its first full implementation.


¹  Wiki Article on the Books
²  PONI  not  Dummy . This page formerly titled "SimplisticOverview" and linked as "This site for Smarties".
³  NAAL advanced intermediate or proficient level literacy are assumed here. Credit: Joe Celko's 'SQL For Smarties'.
4  Go There
5 wik-cso.dom is a dominion. owned by me in the nineties, last I knew was registered in Russia. Some .Net content served with this domain name from this dominion.
7Tip: most browsers will show the URL of a link in some form. Welcome to the revolution, which as it turns out is sort-of televised, but with worker control of the programme. Also, both the skinning and the maintenance of links can be used to determine what's what within my space.
8 Routed by the sameboat alternate name root.