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A readme for my web space.
  Operators Blog ¡Welcome to my domains! 8 Developer README
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I found the "<X> For Dummies" ² guides¹ semi-offensive ³. Originally and still, this page responds to the puzzlement based on their expectations of a typical "web site", that some guests have expressed. This affect may be compounded by the presentation of randomized artistic elements so the page seeks to orient a general audience.

« Praxis » , which like this web space, has current and legacy layers is about my work life. Legacy content is not generally adapted for small form factors, that's not changing. The Tour is maintained for responsiveness but the random landing in my public space is not, specific ones that are such as the domain bases may be confusing in this respect.

SSO works as an entitlement upon login clicks.

SMOG index of this page: ~ 15.

Over time, complexity increases but so does cohesion. Ca. 2011, > 1500 user pages were in ecore (modperl CMS) and mediawiki alone, there are other CMSes, SPAs, etc., so the concept of "site" breaks down.

Thus, « Domain Space ».

Legacy content and ongoing function will migrate to specific of the 3 domains top center, but in 2018 this separation is just beginning.

4717, I created the .dom private suffix and began distributing lines of system ( MCP/DCP ) and app ( tl:dr[AK] ) products. Cf. CII / w3.n for personæ. I attempt AI integration of domains.

領土 空 间 , private since 2018.
.dom routed with Donuts suffix thru 2020.
.biz, the current public suffix, changeable with system blog notice.

  1. First, this is my development space. Production, vended in-app from 3rd party domains (Apple, Google, and Shopify) has SLA specific flows that may include content from here. The authentication and private suffix perimeter is a boundary between it and my public job shop.

  2. Second, only the 3 Neustar .biz domains in blagojevich gold above 5,7 are currently public, and I'm not, ofc maintaining ancient layers6 other than for server side preservation, e.g.: Flash. etc. for which work if you have the legacy clients and can navigate. I support the .dom suffix both for my DDD and as paid service to others who assume all responsibility for their uses.

  3. Finally, sketches, current production landings, abandoned dead-ends, working prototypes, «concept stories» are in the dev space mashup. Decades can elapse from first conception of a thing to its vintage doing, with accretion since ACM hosting c. '93/94.4


¹  Wiki Article on the Books
²  PONI  not  Dummy . This page formerly titled "SimplisticOverview" and linked as "This site for Smarties".
³  NAAL advanced intermediate or proficient level literacy are assumed here. Credit: Joe Celko's 'SQL For Smarties'.
4 When it had web hosting and VMS shell accounts (  the first page).
5 wik-cso.dom is a biz context. owned by me in the nineties, last I knew was registered in Russia. cf. More About NAK-CSO.
7Tip: most browsers will show the URL of a link in some form. Welcome to the revolution, which as it turns out is sort-of televised, but with worker control of the programme.
8 Routed by the sameboat alternate name root.