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In crossing a major linguistic and cultural border, the selection of a personal name distinct from one's birth name is called for. I¹ have, skipping the details, chosen the chinese name:

in which the personal name is homophonic with a pronunciation of my given name. In 4704 I was told that "Eddie Daugherty" had abandoned his family and might not be my grandfather so for that and other reasons I assigned 仁 as 性 , thus: 仁 人 卷 (R.R. Juan). c. 4713 I had my genome mapped for first time and that showed that Eddie (or someone like him) was in fact my paternal grandfather.

The Irish have had a presence througout Latin American for more than 200 hundred years and Daugherty is a common surname, there is at least one other "Juan Daugherty" (in Central America). Search of US Census records around the time of the gene sequencing also shows several "Juan Daugherty"s, mostly in 19th century Kentucky.

Note that this name is oblivious to Chinese personal naming conventions and SFAIK, 仁 人 卷 is unique, as well as probably being gender disphoric for speakers of some Chinese langs.

Have moved to Real™ name as preferred nick either JuanDaugherty or RenJuan, but some of below still in use.

Freenode Identities

"Lycurgus" is always me live, the below are bots modified to work in my DS context.

  • JuanDaugherty
  • Persona closest to myself, has the yesbot prolog functionality.
  • Patternmaster
  • Silent persona except that it has the minion cl-irc functionality.
  • WorldControl
  • Persona that of Colossus from The Forbin project, has the lambdabot functionality.

PGP Signature: 60011024 Juan Daugherty (Ren Ren-Juan) <>


Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti beneath the solar disk in the Amarna style.

¹ XE DOB: Dec. 29, 1953 Chicago, IL, USA as Juan Edwin Daugherty