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      I only edit the public wikis as a Free Citoyen Some elements on this page are cost priced, a few are zero priced.

Free to the Tx Authenticated

.dom TLD authentication and peering

  DNS peering available at no additional charge to tx identified domain users of my domains.
  Registry operation provisioning via my DNS/EPP code, in my git repo here and there's a SKU.


C-六 = ∫ drupal7-8 ∂ DS. distributed from here or Shopify.

Domains Documentation

Flash versions in the wild are frozen to state before SSO was enabled,
Current HTML5 versions are within the authentication perimeter.
Chrome supports Flash until 2020 but makes it impossible to use.
Works in FF, Safari, Edge, replaced everywhere before 2020.
Go There (then right click and Zoom-In).

Green Travel Calculator

General mobile app¹ which was originally $1 on Market
but v2 (2017) on Play/Apple store and later free, title links sources.

¹ Generalized from app developed c. 2011-03 for One Penny Per Mile.

Micro Priced

The following are IMU denominated at low priced or millage, < 1工 per diem capitation, tx IdP.


tl:dr[AK] end domains with Apple/Google/Shopify distribution are low cost or free with in-app purchase of services.

     See also public gitHub account.
     NB: Users id by Google, LinkedIn, or capitation (a token transaction). In general by "Free" I don't mean zero price (cf. Rate Chart and jobbing response card).