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Free to the Tx Authenticated

.dom TLD authentication and peering

Various DNS related functions are available in the left Navigation when you are logged in to the Core PHP CMS, with substantial free functionality, visit the page for details.


C-六 = ∫ DS ∂ drupal / ∂ django . free access here to sources or bundled with hosting and other paid services at Shopify, our selection from Wix, Squarespace, etc. NB: only the software itself is free, not services. Developer service requires that class of entitlement.


Versions in the wild are frozen to state before SSO was enabled,
The current HTML5 versions are within the authentication perimeter.
(External mock) .

Green Travel Calculator

General mobile app¹ which was originally $1 on Market
but v2 (2019) on Play/Apple store and later free, with μpriced in-app service.

¹ Generalized from app developed c. 2011-03 for One Penny Per Mile.

Micro Priced

The following are IMU denominated at low priced or millage( < 1工), e.g.: capitation, consumer SaaS.


tl:dr[AK] apps for the personal task management and personal ecological impact accounting domains have base free versions with in-app purchase of premium services which are typically priced in the 1-10 工 per month or quarter range.

capitation, 2nd Class

AKPERSON periodic or one-time capitation entitlement, made available in-app in otherwise free apps.

     See also public gitHub account.
     NB: Users id by Google, LinkedIn, or capitation (a token transaction). In general by "Free" I don't mean zero price (cf. Rate Chart and jobbing response card).